About Renee

Hi, welcome. I'm Renee and along with my husband Joaquin we are the creators of Collective Revival. I am an Aussie living in California with my husband and two amazing kids. I always tell people that I get paid to do what I would do for free! Joaquin and I travel the world speaking and teaching at conferences and churches about how extravagantly good our God is. We are those crazy parents who travel with their toddlers, you know the ones that you are fervently praying don't sit next to you on the airplane. I run a freelance design company specializing in book publishing on the side. I love Jesus and I love practical (and pretty) tools that are designed to help us draw closer to Him. Joaquin and I started Collective Revival to provide products that would help people cultivate the Presence of God in their everyday lives. It is our desire that through these products you would know Him more deeply and encounter His love in a new way.

Collective Revival

Collective Revival was birthed from two passions; a love for God's Presence and a love of beautiful, modern, and functional tools that draw us into a deeper intimacy with God. It is a dream of mine to create devotionals, bible studies, journals and accessories that would not only act as practical inspirations in people's daily walks with God but equip them with truths to confidently run after the dreams and callings that are within them. 


"Call to me and I will tell you great and hidden things that you have not known".